Looking for a Place to Happen - Lyrics

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Last played: 2009/11/25 Groningen, NED
Debut: 1991/05/24 Hengelo, NED
Album: Fully Completely (1992)
Notes: Only played live 25 times. What? Yep. And 7 of those were on the 2009 WATS tour. Hard to believe a song that made Yer Favourites and is this old appeared only 18 times from 1991/05/24 > 2009/09/16. I think there's probably some database inconsistencies at thehip.com.

I've got a job, I explore, I follow every little whiff
And I want my life to smell like this
To find a place, an ancient race
The kind you'd like to gamble with
Where they'd stamp on burning bags of shit.
Looking for a place to happen
making stops along the way

Wayward ho! Away we go,
It's a shame to leave this masterpiece
With its' gallery gods and its' garbage-bag trees
So I'll paint a scene, from memory,
so I'd know who murdered me
It's a vain pursuit, but it helps me to sleep
Looking for a place to happen
making stops along the way

Jacques Cartier, right this way,
I'll put your coat up on the bed
Hey man you've got the real bum's eye for clothes
And come on in, sit right down,
no you're not the first to show
We've all been here since, God, who knows?
Looking for a place to happen
making stops along the way.

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