Blow At High Dough - Lyrics

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Blow at High Dough

Last played: 2013/02/14 Toronto, ON
Debut: 1988/09/30 Ottawa, ON
Album: Up To Here (1989)
Notes: What can I say about this one? It works anywhere in the setlist. It's just that good. I remember the old Maple Leaf Gardens and when they would play this and hit that high point near the end of the song and they would light the whole crowd up in white light and everyone's arms were just thrusting towards the ceiling as people were jumping. The crowd just went straight up all around. No luxury box barriers, etc. Probably my first Big Time arena rock moment.

They shot a movie once, in my hometown
Everybody was in it, from miles around
Out at the speedway, some kinda Elvis thing
Well I ain't no movie star
But I can get behind anything
Yea I can get behind anything

Get it out, get it all out
Yea stretch that thing
Make it last, make it all last
At least until the supper bell rings
Well the taxi driver likes his rhythm
Never likes the stops
Throes of passion, throes of passion
When something just threw him off

Sometimes the faster it gets
The less you need to know
But you gotta remember,
The smarter it gets
The further it's gonna go
When you blow at high dough
When you blow at high dough

Whoa baby I feel fine
I'm pretty sure it's genuine
It makes no sense, no it makes no sense
But I'll take it free any time
Whoever fits her usually gets her
It was the strangest thing
How'd she move so fast, move so fast
Into that wedding ring

Out at the speedway, same Elvis thing
Well I can't catch her, but I can get behind anything
Yea I can get behind anything
Well I can get behind anything

Out at the speedway, same Elvis thing

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