She Didn't Know - Lyrics

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She Didn't Know?  Really?  Really?

Last played: 1991/08/04 Toronto, ON
Debut: 1988/03/02 Ottawa, ON
Album: Up To Here (1989)
Notes: It's crazy the number of Hip songs that shaped my fandom and love of the band that have been retired - and retired so long ago. I hadn't even seen my first Hip concert by the time this one was put to bed...

Born a queen up on her side, and she felt it too.
There's a lot you can see when there's nothing to do
She got down on her knees and she dug herself out
Slipping to the east side and prancing about.

Learn a language baby, it's that kind of place
Low card is hunger and high card is taste
And trouble is small change when Daddy's around
You know that she learned a lesson when she happened down

She didn't know - the barrel was loaded
She didn't know - the barrel was loaded
She didn't know - the barrel was loaded
She didn't know

One eye on the table, one eye on the floor
She got beat for her pride with her back to the door
She be digging the spotlight and called it her own
But you know it's over when everyone's gone

Stealing seconds together, the day is
the night
You can fly your own colours as long
as they're right
The trigger invites you and so do the boys
But if there ain't no one listening
there ain't no noise

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