Trickle Down - Lyrics

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Trickle Down

Last played: 2002/11/14 Berlin, GER
Debut: 1990/04/06 Halifax, NS
Album: Up To Here (1989)
Notes: Its only time played since 1991 was a random 2002 show in Berlin??? Hmmm. I don't know... Solid tune that gets plenty of radio play, just no live love...

Old lion's dying, got left behind
Cut your teeth, lose your meat
And man it's just a matter of time
Key's to the cuffs, you might be king
That's it, that's all, that's everything

Skeletons come here to dance
Where barrooms beat their brothers
Into a bloody trance
What's the deal? What did I do?
Who cops all the cops is all I asked of you

Lining up, waiting on the trickle down
Something's up, taking time to get around
Belly up, all the drinks are on the crown
It's just a matter of trickle down

Twenty miles before the crash
That's the style for a while
And man I think it's gonna last
"Hit the breaks" is all you can say
Conductor says we'll save them
For another rainy day

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