Fantasy Setlist 2011.011

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Let's break the monotony of these Real Setlists with a trip into The Hip Fantasy Setlist World... If it's been used this tour as of today, I'll leave it out. Let's see if we can still come up with an entertaining show. I'm going 2-set style too because tickets are expensive these days.

2011.011 (mjs)
Set I: Yer Not the Ocean, Lake Fever, Daredevil, Speed River, The Drop Off, The Dire Wolf, Membership, Sharks, Chagrin Falls, Born In The Water, Three Pistols

Set II: The Depression Suite, Silver Jet, 38 Years Old, So Hard Done By, Springtime In Vienna, Emperor Penguin, Pigeon Camera, Long Time Running, Now the Struggle has a Name, Something On, I'll Believe In You, On the Verge, Last of the Unplucked Gems

Encore: Looking for a Place to Happen, Boots or Hearts, Inevitability of Death

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