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No goat, eh??

At some point I'll start rolling out some more lyric art. In the meantime I'm busy this month over at Phish Tour developing Setlist Art day-to-day with their 2nd leg of the summer tour. They'll be packing it in for the remainder of the year after their 3 night Labor Day run in Denver, CO so I'll be able to put that one to bed for a while. I'm also getting ready to work on a big project that will hopefully get the Las Vegas site kick started a little better. It involves me criss-crossing the city on bicycle to see what I find. This will end up including much more non-strip stuff than the regular tourist shit and should help me get to know this place even more. Here's some links if you care to follow along with any of these endeavors:

Phish Tour :: Setlist Art
The Vegas Outsider

Each has their own Twitter & Facebook pages so you can follow along that way as well.

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