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This is a letter published published in the Winnipeg Free Press on September 7th, 2011. I have to throw my Full Support behind the writer, Derek Walsh. Nickelback is a phenomenon I cannot comprehend (sorry if you are a fan) and any reputable Rock & Roll band, Canadian or not, should NEVER worry more about their Hair than the Music.

Here we go...

I have to agree with Rob Williams and Bartley Kives. Do not bring Nickelcrap for the Jets opener. However, a lot of people don't get Arcade Fire. Sad but true. I say bring on the quintessential Canadian rock band, the Tragically Hip, and I will explain why using Hip songs in quotations.

True North Sports and Entertainment had the "courage" to "fight" over the last 15 years to bring back our Jets. When they left, thousands of Manitobans felt "so hard done by." All along "the 100th meridian," from the city of "wheat kings" to "Thompson Girl," there was a feeling that the Jets were "locked in the trunk of a car" and being driven to Phoenix and were left sitting at "the lonely end of the rink."

It's been "a long time running" but 15 years later a team in Atlanta was "looking for a place to happen," and turns out it was "a beautiful thing."

Winnipeg was "on the verge" and, finally, when Mark Chipman made the announcement the Jets were coming home, there were "butts wigglin' " at Portage and Main.

The Jets are back with a new logo featuring a "silver jet" that will be sure to leave "vapour trails" across the Winnipeg skyline. "Are you ready" for the "fireworks"?


Logo - Winnipeg Jets

As an aside I just want to mention that I like this logo. I know it hasn't received glowing reviews all around but it could have been much, much worse. I especially like the "True North" compass point that they stuck in there and the two-tone red and silver will definitely give me some more options the next time The Hip play Winnipeg and I make Setlist Art... Unless I use the Blue Bombers colours....

If you have any of your own song title poems or what have you like the one above feel free to send them in to me and I'll publish them as long as they don't suck too bad ;)

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