As Makeshift As We Are - Lyrics

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Last played: 2009/04/27 Kitchener, ON
Debut: 2003/10/27 Whistler, BC
Notes: Since the 2004 'In Between Evolution Tour', it has only been played 4 times. 3 times in 2006 & once in 2009.

You do the combat math, I'm the war artist
You can't take your shots back, I have to watch them miss
The basketball rim shook like a tambourine
not an unlikely event in a game that means nothing
in a game that means nothing
Makeshift we are
lead never leaves your system no matter who you are
Makeshift we are
as makeshift as we are

You're a complex dune, I'm a cloud of octopus ink
You're an elusive tune, I'm more ice sculpture than I think
You're the neutral tribe and I got the wrong openness
Here's where I slowly close my eyes and say, "I'm too drunk for this."
Yea I'm too drunk for this
Makeshift we are
"Weakling Make Trouble" you played on your guitar
Makeshift we are
as makeshift as we are

we are. we are. we are.

the loneliest buoys on dolphin property
you're as quiet as a fish, I only sing for the whole sea
From memory metal tension springs we were gunsmoke and the truth
let's shake some snow off of his shoulders let's shake some snow off of the roof
Let's shake some snow off of the roof
Makeshift we are
occurring to each other under the setup of the stars
Makeshift we are
we imagine us here and here we are
Makeshift we are
through half-squinted eyes becoming a mirage
Makeshift we are

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