Tragically Hip 2013 Tour Dates

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Upcoming 2013 Tragically Hip Canadian & Summer Shows

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2013/06/20 Cobourg, ON
2013/06/22 Montreal, QC
2013/06/25 Antwerp, BE
2013/06/26 Utrecht, NL
2013/06/28 Hengelo, NL
2013/06/29 Amsterdam, NL
2013/07/01 London, ENG (FREE)
2013/07/02 London, ENG
2013/07/05 Cold Lake, AB
2013/07/06 Saskatoon, SK
2013/07/08 Estevan, SK
2013/07/11 Ottawa, ON
2013/07/13 Grand Falls, NL
2013/07/19 Buffalo, NY
2013/07/20 Aurora, IL
2013/07/25 London, ON
2013/09/06 Moose Jaw, SK
2013/09/07 Calgary, AB
2013/09/09 Vancouver, BC
2013/09/10 Vancouver, BC
2013/09/12 Vancouver, BC

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The following shows have already occurred... Click on the links to see the Setlist Art we have created for each show based on what the band played. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to stay in the loop on all the upcoming Tragically Hip news as well as to see all the new Setlist Art as it comes out. There's lots of participation and interaction on our social media and we invite you to come along for the ride and let your friends know too!

2013 Canadian Winter Tour
2013/01/19 - Cranbrook, BC
2013/01/20 - Kamloops, BC
2013/01/22 - Red Deer, AB
2013/01/23 - Edmonton, AB
2013/01/25 - Regina, SK
2013/01/26 - Winnipeg, MB
2013/01/28 - Brandon, MB
2013/01/29 - Thunder Bay, ON
2013/02/01 - Moncton, NB
2013/02/02 - Halifax, NS
2013/02/04 - Kingston, ON
2013/02/05 - Kitchener, ON
2013/02/08 - Guelph, ON
2013/02/09 - Oshawa, ON
2013/02/11 - Sudbury, ON
2013/02/12 - Sault Ste Marie, ON
2013/02/14 - Toronto, ON

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