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by mrjackstraw

Set I: Poets, Lionized, Every Time You Go, Stay, Throwing Off Glass, Ahead by a Century, Gus, Vaccination Scar, Bring it all Back, So Hard Done By, Something On, Twist My Arm, Inevitability of Death, Fully Completely

Set II: Blow at High Dough, Sliver Jet, When the Weight Comes Down, I'm a Werewolf Baby, Thompson Girl, You're Not the Ocean, As Makeshift as we Are, Springtime in Vienna, Pigeon Camera, Apartment Song, It Can't Be Nashville, Bobcaygeon, Family Band, Highway Girl, Grace Too

E: 50 Mission Cap > Wheat Kings

Setlist Notes: I usually try to stick to a set pattern that goes something like this: High>low>mid>low>high. The crowd generally likes to blast off to start and to go out with a bang when the band leaves the stage at the end of a set. With he amount of material that The Tragically Hip are sitting on, using these setlist guidelines there is a lot of room to try different song combos throughout the body of the sets. Mixing eras etc. Like the Werewolf>Thompson>Ocean combo. Would it sound good? Once again I threw album combos into the setlist. IBE's Gus>Scar and Fully Completely's 50MC>WK. In the encore the premise of "always leave them wanting more" is how I've justified a Wheat Kings send-off for this particular show. Sometimes it's nice to have a song like that sit in your head for a while as you exit and make your way home.


by mrjackstraw

Set I: Last of the Unplucked Gems > Lake Fever, She Didn't Know, Yawning or Snarling, Music @ Work, Heaven is a Better Place Today, Don't Wake Daddy, Eldorado, Fireworks, Opiated, Kids Don't Get It, Greasy Jungle, Three Pistols, It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken

Set II: Vapour Trails, Use It Up, Summer's Killing Us, Boots or Hearts, Born in the Water, Courage, Looking for a Place to Happen, In View, Sherpa, Freak Turbulence, An Inch an Hour, 700ft Ceiling, 100th Meridian > Cordelia > 100th Meridian

E: Pretend, Thugs

Setlist notes: I've always had this vision of a curtain blocking the view of the stage and the band taking their place and opening with LOTUG. You know on the album how it gets louder. I see the curtain rising up with the volume revealing the band. Then without any announcement whatsoever from Gord, segue perfectly into Lake Fever. I like the way some songs flow on albums and you get used to hearing these combos. I did this with Courage - LFAPTH mid 2nd set. I think the finish from Freak to the Meridian reprise would be monstrous. Thugs is just a cool fucking song.


Participation in the Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist Game is easy. Just email your lists to

The Rules

This is not the "What's Your Fantasy Setlist? Game" This is also not a "What do you think they will play on the upcoming We Are the Same tour?" game. This is designing random and setlists based on the following critera:

- No song used in the previous two shows, in this case Fantasy Setlist #1 & #2, can be used in Fantasy Setlist #3. That mean ALL of the above songs are unavailable for the purposes of this exercise until...

...Fantasy Setlist #4. This setlist is allowed to take songs from Fantasy Setlist #1, but the limitation is 3 songs only.

Can we create ongoing and dynamic Tragically Hip setlists where a fan could conceivably go to 4 shows and see a maximum of 3 repeats during that period?

- Fantasy Setlist #5 will then have all the songs used in Fantasy Setlist #1 available in any order along with 3 songs from Fantasy Setlist #2 and anything else that hasn't been used up to this point. Of course Fantasy Setlist's #3 & #4 are off limits as is the better part of #2.

-2 set format

Are these setlists designed with the casual or first timer in mind? No. I have had some responses stating that this scenario is highly unlikely to happen. I know. I get it. I appreciate the feedback. No one is obligated here. Just for fun. But do remember, The Tragically Hip put on incredible concerts before Road Apples, before Fully Completely, before Day for Night and so on. Their catalog has a ton of quality and depth.

I am also aware the many We Are the Same songs will occupy slots on this upcoming tour. Let's eliminate them for now as we know really know what they bring to the table as far as live performance goes.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


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