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Well, the contest/vote has come to a close and the choice was decisive to say the least. The Cordelia design won by a margin of 75 to 19. I was very pleased with getting 94 votes. That's pretty good participation for this small outfit.

The winner of the free t-shirt is Mark Kudreikis of St. Catherines, ON. Congrats!

The t-shirt can be pre-ordered HERE.

Notes: This is a pre-order period beginning 2013/01/30 and lasting about 2 weeks. Depending on demand is how I will place the order and whether or not there will only be this initial run sold. I recommend ordering during this period to ensure you get a shirt. These t-shirts are pre-shrunk.

From the end of the pre-order to the time I place & receive the stock can take 2-3 weeks and then there is the shipping period. I always keep everyone aware of the status of their orders.

If your size is not listed as an option, contact me through this website, Facebook or Twitter and we will work something out. This is something I will need to know before placing my initial order as I can't order one-off shirts.


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