The Hip Covers Project: Justin Rutledge - Nautical Disaster

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'The Hip Covers Project' is a gathering of many different versions by many different people of Tragically Hip songs. Old or new. Fast or slow. Solo or ensemble. Plugged in or unplugged. The goals of this project include providing entertainment and inspiration for our readers, and giving exposure to the artists.

I am always searching out new and interesting versions of songs. I like when a song can be completely different than its original version. I don't care if it's something you saw or it's you and your band. I don't care if it's professionally shot or done by you in your bedroom. Whatever. If you have any suggestions for this project please send them to

We're going to start off with Justin Rutledge covering The Hip's Nautical Disaster off of their 'Day For Night' album...

JUSTIN RUTLEDGE - Nautical Disaster by The Tragically Hip from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

I am planning to add a new video at least once a week. Maybe more. I will be hosting them on the website here and blasting them out via the HipTour Facebook Page & Twitter @hiptour, so be sure to follow along however you choose.

When making suggestions or possibly deciding on a cover, remember that there are a few songs like Wheat Kings, Fiddler's Green, Bobcaygeon, ABAC & boots Or Hearts that have been covered by everybody and their brother and it's going to take a pretty special or unique version to get one of those posted. I'd be more inclined to share someone trying an acoustic 'Tiger The Lion' or something random like that.

Don't forget you can follow us and hang with the other HipHeads on both Facebook and Twitter.

The original content and digital art is provided by Tragically Hip Tour.  All rights reserved. RSS feeds are for non-commercial use only. All lyrics and album art are reproduced here for reference and educational purposes only and they belong to the originally credited artist and label.

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