2002/10/15: Hummingbird Centre - Toronto, ON

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Here some live concert video of The Hip performing on what I believe to be the 2002/10/15 show from Toronto's Hummingbird Centre.

I was going to do some SetlistArt for this one but thehip.com doesn't list 'The Dire Wolf in it's database so I'm not 100% on the accuracy of their information. It appears at the show on the next night at the same venue the band does a double encore. I only mention this because the band has traditionally gone with the same format throughout a particular tour so it stands to reason that both shows should look the same save for the song titles.

This is a nice little treat for you 'In Violet Light' fans (like me) as there's some quality footage of a few songs that we don't hear live very much anymore.

Track listing:
1. Use It Up
2. A Beautiful Thing
3. Puttin' Down
4. It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken
5. Are You Ready
6. My Music At Work
7. Silver Jet
8. The Dire Wolf

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