The Hip Covers Project: Jon Alexander - Scared

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The 5th instalment in our 'Hip Covers Project' is a solo acoustic version of Scared performed by Jon Alexander. Now acoustic versions of certain Hip songs are a dime a dozen on YouTube but this one has a few elements that you may find interesting beyond say one guy and his guitar.

Portions of the guitar playing are played, recorded and looped and then played over to create much more texture than you'd expect from a solo operation. The same is done with background voices. Now Keller Williams is the master of this type of technique and for making a one man show sound like a whole band, but if you've never seen this style of playing this is a good jumping off point. The song isn't too crazy and there's not too many effects and adjustments being made. 

This is a pretty solid version that generally sticks to the song structure as we know it. I'm still waiting for a fast or faster version of this song. Wouldn't the lyrics seem ominous played death metal style???

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