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Video: The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely

Here's the Windsor Star review that suggests the boys will be out on a summer tour of some sort by indicating that the band will return on July 3, 2015. I wonder where the Canada Day show will be?

The Hip were also well received by this reviewer for Cleveland Scene.

Overall, the feedback has been mainly positive regarding the band's performance. Especially compared to the performances surrounding and supporting the Now For Plan A shows. Basically, the screaming seems to have been turned way down and that is a good thing. The band is, and always has been on point throughout.

The shows seem short. There's a lot of band out there giving their fans 2.5-3 hours of face time. The Hip are well below 2 hours. With the extensiveness and high quality of their entire back catalog the setlist pool continues to befuddle me, but it's not a point I care to hammer away at any further. It is what it is.

I will say with regard to the current show format that I would have fought for an extra 3 songs on the back end of the Fully & Completely segment and then a 3 song encore to follow. So there would be the intro 5 songs > Fully & Completely > Closing set > Encore. That's 28 songs. Not really asking too much in light of what they've done in the past with different set configurations. 2.5 hours is where it would probably come in at. Don't forget that there is much less jam/improv these days so it's not like adding a handful of songs really extends the show length significantly. That's fair for everyone I think. The Band. The Fans. The Beer Vendors. Etc.

I am looking forward to what I hope is a well performed and adventurous tour as well as learning more about what this summer holds in-store for the band...

Enjoy the shows! Share your experiences!


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