Fantasy Setlist 2011.008

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A new Fantasy Setlist has been sent in...

2011.008 Keith (BC)
Set I: Are You Ready, Fire In the Hole, Small Town Bringdown, The Luxury, Vaccination Scar, In View, Flamenco, Fifty Mission Cap, Nautical Disaster, On the Verge

Set II: Yer Not the Ocean, Grace Too, Every Time You Go, Fight, Little Bones, Courage, Something On, The Rules, Locked in the Trunk of a Car, The Wherewithal, Blow at High Dough

Encore: Fly, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

Notes: The Luxury & Fight in the same setlist. That's sexy. I like the unusual placings of Fire in the Hole & Little Bones. mjs

To see them all go to the Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist Page.

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