We Want To Be It - Lyrics

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Debut: 2012/02/16 Fort Albany, ON
Album: Now For Plan A (2012)
Notes: Played often on the 'Now For Plan A Tour' and for good reason - It's probably my favourite song on this album... For now anyway.

drip drip drip
Baby when'd you get so Zen
When I used to know you when
When you thought all my dreams suct
I was just happy you gave a fuck

And we don't want to do it
We want to be it

tick tick tick
The Smartest Guy In The Room
flick flick
Might as well be on the moon
click click
Or in his tower or his tomb
Cause all I'm hearing is you

And we don't want to do it
We want to be it

drip drip drip
Baby, when'd you get so wrecked
And where are things at this moment
And all our friends gave us a week
And we're still happening as we speak

And we don't want to do it.
We want to be it

O drip drip drip
We don't want to do it
We want to be it

drip drip drip
flick flick flick
cricket cricket
cricket cricket cricket

(For Alan Arkin and Madeline Kahn)

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