The Hip Covers Project: Kasey Kohring - New Orleans Is Sinking

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This is the 8th installment of 'The Hip Covers Project', where once a week (usually Friday's if I have it together) I try to bring you a bit of a different take on others interpreting the music of The Tragically Hip. And as I've said before, it's my goal to try to present something that is a bit askew from what you might get from The Hip themselves.

Be sure to check out all of the videos from past weeks (listed below). Especially last week's: Parlor Trixx. I got that posted at a weird time and it didn't reach a lot of you as these normally do. It's a head-banging, hair metal version of Little Bones.

This week we have Kasey Kohring with his busker version of New Orleans Is Sinking. It's very good. You can check out his website below. Hopefully he's not being pimped out too much by the adults in his life... I guess time will tell on that one. Anyway, for now it is what it is and hopefully he still gets to be a kid and not 'work' every weekend. It looks like if you live in the area just north of Toronto you have a good shot at seeing him. His other covers mainly fall into the classic rock genre...

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The Hip Covers Project - Past Performances

Justin Rutledge - Nautical Disaster
Herbert Bail Orchestra - Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
Melanie Morgan Band - Courage
Kevin Stebner - Bobcaygeon
Jon Alexander - Scared
Chris Koster - Fully Completely
Parlor Trixx - Little Bones

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