The Hip Covers Project: Donald Spongberg - Bobcaygeon

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I know I have already done a version of 'Bobcaygeon' for this series, but this version is far enough away from the original and way far enough away from the other cover version I posted.

I was not able to get too much info on this dude. In fact, I don't really have any... just this clip...

The Hip Covers Project - Past Performances

Justin Rutledge - Nautical Disaster
Herbert Bail Orchestra - Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
Melanie Morgan Band - Courage
Kevin Stebner - Bobcaygeon
Jon Alexander - Scared
Chris Koster - Fully Completely
Parlor Trixx - Little Bones
Kasey Kohring - New Orleans Is Sinking
Jake Keilhauer - Stay
The Temps - Grace, too

Check out the original & alternate BLACK version HERE.

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